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ADVERTISE YOUR Website or Products by BANNERs and TEXT Links (on Top of the Pages)
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1. Increase Your Website Traffic and Link Popularity.
2. Increase Your Sales and So , Make Money!
3. Improve Your Website Rank in Search Engines.(Use Alternative Text for your Banners) Methods of AdvertisingText and Banner Advertising can be done by placing in a Fixed space (Static Placement) :
1.  For a Period of Time. ( CPD = Cost per Duration[Month] ) > Method for Our Website
2.  For Number of Impressions . ( CPM = Cost per 1000 Impressions )
3.  For Number of Clicks. ( CPC = Cost per Click )
REQUEST SPACE FOR BANNER/TEXT Link :1. Contact us and send through E-Mail Following Information :
(Subject of Email = Advertise Banner , For FREE Offer add "FREE" to subject of Email)
  • Your Name. 
  • Address (City , Country , Email).
  • Your Website URL and Name.
  • Banner Size :(Select a Size Code= A ,B ,C)
    (A) 468*60  
    (B) 120*60  
    (C) 234*60 
  • Your banner File (GIF or JPG) . (Attach banner file to Email for loading banner from our server) and URL or Link Code for it.
    (Banner File Attachment is Optional . Banner file can be on your server)
  • For Text Ads : HTML Code for Ads or Simply Title of Ads(Maximum 255 Character) and URL of Ads
  • Method of Advertising (CPD ) .[ For FREE Offer  = CPD ]
  • For CPD Method : Duration of Advertisement.(Minimum order =  1 Month)
  • Method of Payment (100% within 48 hours from approval via - PayPal (contact us for our account email))
  • Name of Webpages of our website which you selected for advertising.
    In General we have three type of pages:
    (1) Home Page (Main Index).
    (2) Resource Center Pages 
    (3) Others 
    You Can Specify Type Number in general or Give us Name of specific pages related to your website contents.(See Sitemap for more info)
2. We must Approve your Link Code and Your Banner within 48 hours.(for FREE Offer we must check our link on your website)3. After Approval, We contact you and Inform you about Details of your order and Cost Rate of your advertising and also our account for payment .(for FREE Offer we contact you and Inform you about details of your order Only)4. You can check place of Your Banner on our website and check it for working correctly.If there is any problem with your banner/Text Ads , Contact us. We send you an Email each week about Statistics of your banner/Text Ads.5. After 48 hours from approval , If we do not receive payment from you , We Delete your Banner/Text Ads and we have no responsiblity for it.(For FREE Offer Ignore this step)Up
PRICE LIST : (Updates Monthly - Check Daily currency exchange reference rates )Notes:
( CPD = Cost per Duration[Month] )
  • Our Rates are based on fixed place(Static placement) .
  • In CPD method, Rates are for advertising per page of each type .
  • For Banner Advertising ,If Your Link Code Contains URL to Banner File on your Server ,You Can Save 50% of Rates in Table
Rates for Advertising : ( in USD[US$] ) - See Total Cost Formula and Examples 
Page Type    CPD 
Banner Text
(1) Main Page US$0.10 US$0.05
(2) 'Resource Center' pages US$0.08/page US$0.04/page
(3) 'Other' pages US$0.06/page US$0.03/page
Payment Methods    PayPal  (contact us for our account email) For Other Methods Contact us
CPD Method Cost Formula :Total Cost = [Table value of Page Type(1) in Banner/Text Column] +[Table value of Page Type(2) in Banner/Text Column]*(Number of Type(2) pages)+[Table value of Page Type(3) in Banner/Text Column]*(Number of Type(3) pages) 
 [USD/Month]Examples : 

Suppose that you ordered for all pages of types (1) & (3) with CPD Methodin CPD Method : Total Cost(for Banner Ads) = [0.1]*(1) + [0.06]*(20) = US$1.3/Month
in CPD Method : Total Cost(for Text Ads) =
[0.05]*(1)+[0.03]*(20) = US$0.65 /Month
See Price List
Note :1- For checking number of website pages and Also Selecting your desired pages :
    See Sitemap of our website.
Terms and Conditions :
  • All Payments must be in US $(USD) . If you want to pay in local currency , so you must pay a little more for exchanging currency to our account currency.
  • All Banners/Texts Must be Approved by us based on our Policy and Security. 
  • If Customer do not pay for advertising , Banner/Text Ads will be deleted after 48 hours from approval date and we have no responsiblity for it .
  • We guarantee Placing your Ads on our Website since your order have not been expired .
  • Statistics of your banner/Text Ads and related webpages are sent to your Email weekly.
  • Payments are not refundable unless your Ads are not placed on our website.
  • Payments are via PayPal Account (contact us for our account email).
  • Note : If You Want to pay by other methods, Please contact us before ordering.
    (See Price List)
SPECIAL OFFERS :1-  New Special Offer for FREE Banner Advertising Webmasters ! , Special Offer  (For Orders of CPD Method)
In Order to Advertise Your Text/Banner in Home Page or Other Pages of our Website for FREE , You Must Put our Special link code(HTML Format) on Home Page or Other Pages of your website. For advertising your banner/Text Link for FREE , Do Steps of  REQUEST SPACE except payment step. 
(Only Select Home page or One Page of Other Types) 2-  Order Three Months Advertising Plus One Month for FREE on Our Website (One Month FREE Offer)Up